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"European Regional Development Fund"

The project is co-financed by the European Union

Company POLYGRAF PRINT spol. s ro implements a project co-financed by the European Union on the basis of contract for the grant of a non-repayable financial contribution consisting in the acquisition of innovative
technologies to improve the position, increase competitiveness and increase overall
production efficiency.

Name of the project

Innovation of the production process at POLYGRAF

PRINT spol. Ltd

The main objective of the project

Innovation of the production process to increase the volume, quality and efficiency of production.

Expected results

  • Ensuring higher automation of quality control, and hence the higher quality of paged sheets,
  • shortening production times,
  • shortening delivery times,
  • ensuring the smoothness of the production process,
  • increasing labor productivity,
  • improving the operability of production.

Contracted NFP height

118 961,50 EUR

Operational program

Research and Innovation -

Managing Authority of the OP VaI

Web site SO

Web site of CKO

EU Project 2

Improving the competitiveness of Polygraf Print spol. s ro on international markets

The subject of the project was to implement the following activities:

  • Activity 1 - Bologna Business Mission: Fiera del libro per ragazzi 2010
  • Activity 2 - Paris Fair: Salon du Livre 2010
  • Activity 3 - London Fair: LBF London Book Fair 2010
  • Activity 4 - Geneva Business Mission: Salon International du livre et de presse 2011
  • Activity 5 - Prague Business Mission: World of Books 2010
  • Activity 6 - Warsaw Business Mission: WIBF Warsaw International Book Fair 2010
  • Activity 7 - Denmark Business Mission
  • Activity 9 - Moscow Fair: Moscow International Book Fair 2010
  • Activity 10 - Frankfurt Fair: Frankfurter Buchmesse 2010
  • Activity 11 - Austria Business Mission
  • Activity 13 - France Business Mission
  • Activity 14 - United Kingdom Business Mission: LBF London Book Fair 2011
  • Activity 15 - Hungary's Business Mission: Bookfestival 2011
  • Activity 18 - Belgium Business Mission
  • Activity 19 - Bucharest Fair: GAUDEAMUS Book and Education Fair 2011
  • Activity 20 - Sweden Business Mission
  • Activity 23 - Frankfurt Business Mission: Frankfurter Buchmesse 2011


EU Project 3



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