Company history

The company POLYGRAF PRINT spol. s.r.o. was founded on September 11, 1996. The production consists of non-periodical publications, desk and wall calendars, diaries and mercantile. In subsequent years, also books and magazines has been brought into production.

The headquarters of the company takes place at Čapajevova Street in Prešov since 1998, together with all the administrative and production areas.

From the very beginning, the company recorded an increase in production capacity, which was made possible by increasing productivity, better organization of work, and improving of technical operating machinery. In 2003 the company merged with its sister company Kalendárium Prešov and became its legal successor.

We made significant investments in expansion of pressing and book-binding capacity. Since 2005 appears a new laminating machine, packing machine, trimmer, CtP equipment, production lines for soft-cover books and 10-color printing machine Heidelberg. On the beginning of 2012 we purchased a new machinery to innovate printing techniques and technologies of the book production. There's a new 8-color sheet-fed printing machine, cutting machine, hard-cover production line and sewing machine. Our aim is to improve the quality and production efficiency, and also to expand our portfolio of spiral blocks in hard cover, flexo binded books with bookmarks and production of thin books downto 2mm.

In recent years, the aftermath of the world financial and economic crisis has clearly reduced the number of issued and sold book titles. At a time when the printing industry was affected by rising prices of paper after the earthquake in Chile and the importation of books into the EU from China, we have reached a volume of production and sales of EUR 10.9 million in 2010th, what was more by 6.4 % compared to the 2009th.

At present, our company POLYGRAF PRINT spol. s.r.o. focuses on the Slovak, Czech, German, French, Scandinavian and other markets requiring the highest quality in a broad portfolio and comprehensive graphic production services concentrated in one place.

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