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Book processing

The laminating machine Omega of the company Komfi enables us to laminate paper sheets by common polypropylene or polyester film. Loader exactly gives a paper with gramage at intervals from 115 g to 350 g with an adjustable overhang. Electronic handling enables continuously regulate laminating speed up to 50 m/min., pressure of the press mechanism and a laminating temperature.

The newest cutting line of the Polar company serves in the finishing book processing of products. The paper cutting machine Polar 115 XT is the programmable high speed cutting machine for precise cutting of papers, cartons and plastic foils. It is the high speed cutting machine with maximal cut length 115 cm. A lift with a decking bench ensures an ergonomic work by automatic lifting and triggering of palettes of a cut material to a working height. A jolting automat treads out an air from the cut material.

The modern case-making automatic machine DA 270 of the German producer Kolbus we use for processing of book covers. We are able to process various types of covering materials on this machine. Maximal output is up to 65 machine cycles per minute. We are able to produce covers that are put through in a format with the casing machine for blocks min. 75 x 100 and max. 305 x 307 mm.

We dispose with the machine Cordo Garda of the Italian producer Fidia, that is able to process products with a speed up to 300 m/min. in the case of a soft binding for the production of envelopes with bookmarks, eventually for a flexo binding.

The newest combined folding machine Heidelberg Finishing KH 78/6 KTL disposes with the modular controlling system MCT with the possibility of auto adjustablement. This system is based on the central operating in the loader and on sequential independently working digital actuating devices in folding stations and unloader. In addition we dispose with other two folding machines Heidelberg.

The most modern production line of the Kolbus producer is the main body in our book processing. Finishing processing of our hard bindings is realized on the complex production line that consist of individual machines synchronized to form the one producing unit with max. output 70 machine cycles per minute.

There are the book blocks in the sticking line Sigloch SB7020 and cut off consequently in the threecut by HD 143 P at the front of the production  line. Pared blocks are hanged into the book covers in the casing machine Kolbus BF530. 

This modern machine is able to process books with minimal format 80 x 105 mm with thickness 7 mm and maximal format of a book 285 x 385 mm with thickness 90 mm. One of important parts of the production line is also the automatic overwrap machine Kolbus SU651 and at the end of the production line is also situated the packing machine Hugo Beck. On this book line we are able to hang book blocks into the firm flexible or plastic covers.

The production line of Germany producer Kolbus produces a soft binding. On the front of the line is located the collating machine ZU804 with 20 stations equipped by an automatic optic control of components. This control enables faultless collating. This collating machine is able to work independently or as a part of a production line in case it is concerned the stuck soft binding.

The sticking part of the production line KM470 may utilize various types of the sticker such as PUR stick or Hotmelt (fusing sticker/glue). The threecut HD 150 is the last element of the production line and it cuts off products from three sides with resulting format of minimal dimensions 95 x 120 mm and maximal dimensions 300 x 388 mm. The whole line is synchronized with maximal operation of processing 5000 machine cycles per hour.

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