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Appropriate selection of a book binding is a key factor for success of a printed book and adds in such way aesthetic value and custom comfort for a reader. You can find classic types of bindings as well as new and unconventional production modes in our production portfolio.

We offer you these types of bindings as follows:

Nowadays it fails only to choose suitable a book binding. A book must attract customer´s interest.  It must be attractive for a customer, simply other one. To your customers you can offer various surface treatments of books in our portfolio:

  • perforation in the print, print on the silver lamina material and also synthetic paper
  • structured, glossy, toneless or lamina material resistant to an abrasion
  • various types of  full-area and relief varnish
  • embossing, full-area and relief impression
  • offcuts                       
  • various covering materials (Guaflex, Geltex, Skivertex ...)
  • bindings and elastic bands
  • bindings and roundish corners


Soft binding is often used because of a low price and a fast production. It is characterised by a soft envelope and modes of binding as follows:
A soft binding sewn by a wire is assigned for a low weight (prospectuses, manuals).
Stuck soft binding does not assume often using (magazines, catalogues, paperbacks).
Sewn soft binding assumes more often using (tourist guide).

More about a soft binding                   Photo gallery – soft binding



The most sophisticated and solid binding with higher lifetime and attractivity with relatively higher price with utilization for picture publications and all types of literature. Technical processing is varied from the flat by roundish crest line, foamy covers, covers with covering materials on the entire cover or parts – half linen binding (V7).
A book block for a hard binding can be stuck or sewn.

More about a hard binding                   Photo gallery – hard binding


A spiral binding is being used for a production of table and wall calendars or manuals and instructions. Papers of a block are put through to an envelope by a metal spiral that enables good opening and convenient reading. A spiral can be visible, covered or partially visible. We manage hang spiral blocks up to the maximal calendar block (KB) thickness i.e. 16 mm by the machine into hard covers.

More about a spiral binding                   Photo gallery – spiral binding


We offer special bindings, formed by combination of standard bindings, with embedded pages from various materials, or with loose sheets that may be embedded into the carton or cardboard boxes.

More about a special binding                   Photo gallery – special binding

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